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===Email 1===

Subject line: 

This professor plugged his house to Earth’s core.... totally legal


The Earth’s core is producing 47 trillion Watts of electricity right beneath our feet each and every second.

That’s 1 million times more than the mankind can consume. 

For various reasons, science couldn’t (or didn’t want) to figure out a way to harvest this immense source of energy up until now.... 

This crazy professor made a discovery that is about to change the energy world forever.  

It was by accident that he invented a crazy device that feeds itself from the earth’s core. 

Here’s what it is all about: 

Everybody says that this should be the humiliation of the century for the scientist. 

The moment you see how this device looks like you’ll be amazed too.

Here’s a video that will teach you everything.

Moreover, this crazy professor claims that everybody can build such a device and become energy independent without having special knowledge or experience in the field. 

Some people are skeptical and say it’s impossible while others, desperately needing a way to cut their high electricity bills have given it a try ....and they are shocked with results. 

Anyway, to make the long story short, if you are willing to cut your electricity bills by at least 90% have a look here: 

Good luck, 

Joseph Wilkinson

 P.s: rumors say that this video won’t be up for long due the big energy fat cats pressure. Apparently they made their first move on taking this video down so you won’t figure it out that you paid so many years for their hunting and fishing trips in a stupidity tax called “electricity bill”. 

 ===== Email 2======

Subject line: 

Almost slaughtered for powering his house from earth’s core 


Have you heard the news? A mob of angry people desperate for paying too much on electricity bills almost “slaughtered” a guy who didn’t want to join them in the fight against big energy fat cats. 


Because this guy (Mr. Harris) had a tricky device (but totally legal) that can harvest the power of Earth’s core making him 100% energy independent. 

It may sound weird .. but it’s all here:

According to him, it’s so easy to build such a device that even a grandma could do it. 
To be honest, I just started building this device myself...and the results look promising...but some desperate people before me have already built it and they were shocked with the results. 
Here’s the video that shows everything!
Of course, there are skeptics who say it’s BS.... but considering that the energy company has checked on this guy and couldn’t find anything wrong or illegal with this device... and that it’s been years since he’s not paying a dime to the big energy fat cats... then maybe you have a reason to watch this short video.

Good luck, 
Joseph Wilkinson


 ======== Email 3 ========

Subject line: 

Scientists cannot explain how this professor is powering his home from the Earth’s core.... 


Scientists cannot explain how this guy “steals” energy from Earth’s core... 


Some things can be explained... others remain in the dark forever even if you’re among the smartest people on the planet. 

For example, there’s a crazy guy who recently discovered a way to harvest the power of Earth’s core. 

In case you didn’t know, the Earth is producing 40 trillion watts of energy every second ... 1 Million times more than what humankind can consume. 

... and this guy figured out a way to steal a tiny part from it ... just enough to power his home and get off the grid.

Here’s the video that proves everything!

Moreover, everything is 100% legal... and he even got checked by the electricity company to see if he’s stealing from the grid or not. 

There was nothing wrong about him... and today he’s energy independent. 

Obviously, this annoyed the big energy fat cats and they sent a team of scientists to dig on this invention. 

The result was stunning: even though the invention is dead simple ... they still cannot explain how it is that efficient... 

Watch out this video to find out all the nitty-gritty details. 

Best of luck, 
Joseph Wilkinson  


 ======== Email 4 =========

Subject line: 
Who else wants to discover how to power his house from earth’s core...totally legal.


No, I’m not crazy and I’m not here to BS you. 

Here’s what I’ve just discovered!

This video is taking the energy world by storm and hundreds of people are starting to build this crazy box as we speak. 

Everything started when mister Harris from Utah discovered by accident a crazy way to power his house from the Earth’s core. 

There’s no gimmicks whatsoever and it could change your life forever. 

I’ll keep this email short because I need to go working on my box now. 
One more thing.... the scientists are in shock and still cannot explain how this device can be so efficient. 

Joseph Wilkinson 


 ============ Email 5==========

Subject line: 
Mountain man discovers by accident how to power his cabin out of Earth’s core 


Meet the miraculous box that powers a house from Earth’s core... 

Everything has been kept in the dark for years ... on purpose.

There’s a crazy mountain man who is powering his cabin using nothing more than a small box and two wires stuck into the ground. 

This invention is so powerful that it turned out to be a humiliation for the scientist who still couldn’t figure out why it is so efficient. 

Apparently, that tiny box can be built by anyone with no more than $100... besides, it has zero maintenance costs. 

Moreover, it’s 100% legal to own it .... as you’re harvesting only the Earth’s core energy. 

For those who were not aware, the Earth’s core produces around 40 trillion watts of energy every second ...and even though you cannot see it... the Earth is boiling with energy. 

Here’s the video that will make light with this crazy inventions.

Rumors say that hundreds of people have already got off the grid with this invention by now but the media wants to keep it quiet. I’m wondering why... 

Anyway, if you want to see how smart people are not paying for electricity check out this video: 

Best wishes, 
Joseph Wilkinson 

===Email 6===

Subject line: 

Crazy guy discovers how to make electricity by planting two wires into the ground…


You’re about to witness an energy revolution that big energy corporation don’t want you to know about because it could cost them billions of dollars  …

Maybe for the first time throughout history this ‘’crazy’’ guy managed to powered his entire house and has finally ’’ cut the cord ‘’ by simply plugging 2 wires into the ground …

Here’s what is all about!

Why the ground?

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Earth is producing 47 trillion watts of electricity every single second

That’s 1 million times more than the mankind can consume

And this man (Mr. Harris)  has found a legal way to steal a fraction of it , enough to become 100% energy independent .

Here’s the proof.

Maybe you have seen a lot of scams on the Internet.

I’m telling you this is not the case because this news is spreading like wild fire and by now…more than 28.737 people have succeeded to get off the grid ...

When things are in our favor….they ( the big fat cats corporation) aren’t happy

and because of that…this could be taken down any time !

Good luck,

Jospeh Wilkinson.